What are the rules on claiming for being sick on holiday?

We all expect our holiday to take us away from the stress and hassle of our everyday working life. Sadly it doesn’t always work out that way. In some cases, folks end up contacting an illness and consequently having no fun at all. But all is not lost. Did you know you can file a holiday illness compensation claim?

If you suffer from illness or some serious injuries while being on holiday, you can make a claim. Illnesses can and do occur when people are on holiday and can result in a lot of suffering or/and injury. These illnesses can oftentimes turn a nice vacation into a horror. In these cases, you can make a claim for compensation.

A holiday illness compensation claim can happen in different ways. You could fall or slip on a spilled liquid in your hotel or as in most cases, you could suffer from food poisoning due to badly cooked food and poor hygiene or you could be injured on a broken tile in the swimming pool. These are a basis on which you can file an illness compensation claim and receive a compensation.

For you to make a compensation claim following an illness on vacation, you must have paid for the holiday as a package. What this means is that at you must have at least two elements of your holiday booked together. It doesn’t matter if the holiday accident happened at home or abroad as long as it forms part of a package. The accident claim will be dealt with in this jurisdiction so you won’t have the problem of dealing with a claim in a foreign country.

In order to pursue a holiday illness compensation claim, it is important that you have reported the accident or illness to the holiday representatives and hotel staff. Other things that will help your claim are photographs of the scene, medical treatment information, and any witness details.

As it is the responsibility of your tour operator to provide you with suitable accommodations with a hygienic environment. And if you get exposed to risks of your health and life, then your tour operator can be found liable for all these.

Holiday compensation claims for illnesses are made under the Package and Travel Regulations. These regulations don’t apply to physical injuries, illnesses, suffering, and pain alone, but also to damages for the emotional and psychological distress caused by the ruined holiday

So, if you suffer a holiday injury while being in a hotel and you believe it was not your fault, then you are eligible for making a compensation claim. Many people all over the world have their holidays cut short following an accident which happened as a result of ill-maintenance of their hotel rooms.