Importance of HR for your business

Every business and corporation today is in need of custom and robust HR solutions to ensure proper adherence to both internal policies as well as external regulations. With our custom HR solutions, we provide, in a nutshell, temporary and permanent staffing, talent management and development for existing employees and outsourcing as well as payroll processing.

The overarching roles of human resource departments in most companies are largely administrative and common across industries and verticals. While organizations may have formalized different processes such as recruiting, performance management and payroll, the area of human capital management has gradually evolved into a more complex process. HR functions related to human capital or employee management include tracking of employee data along the lines of professional history, educational qualifications, records of skills and salary details.

The HR solutions we offer aim at reducing manual and repetitive processes involved in administrative workflows through electronic automation and our specially developed Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS).Our custom HRMS covers many related HR aspects during the life cycle of an employee, right from application to their retirement. The system makes a note of address and demographic data, training and employee development, skill management, planning of compensation, performance record management, quarterly and annual appraisals, attendance management, complaints handling, a self-service user interface for employees and similar activities.

The common areas covered

–> Time Tracking – Employees have access to a employee specific user interface where they can clock in and out to track their work hours. In case of a missed entry, they can submit the correct time stamp for approval from management.

–> Paperless Onboarding – New hires can fill in their personal information themselves once they have access to the employee UI. This replaces the mundane tasks of manually filling forms and then updating company records for all new employees

–> Easily storage and sharing of documents – Process forms and updated policies etc can be easily shared across employees with a simple click of a button. The document warehouse allows quick and easy storage and sharing.

–> Manage Time Off – Efficiently track, calculate and approve time off for employees. The process can be automated by setting a time off limit for employees or a team and the HRMS will calculate the remaining time off for employees.

–> Efficient Communication – Efficiently send notifications and updates to all employees keeping them up to date with changes they need to know about. It works both ways by management receiving a notification when employees share information with the concerned higher management.

–> Expense Tracking – Employees have the ability to quickly and efficiently share expense reports and receipts for approvals for management and subsequent reimbursements.

Some of the key features our HR solutions offer to management staff

1) Absolute Control РThe ability to manage and edit HR solutions related processes right from beginning to end

2) Request Tracking – 100% transparency on statuses of any requests and monitoring of bottle necks if any

3) Speedier Processing – Take advantage of our automation capabilities to complete your processes quicker and more efficiently. Tasks that were earlier mundane and repetitive, are now simply automated, saving both manpower and budget.

4) On the Go Approval – In today’s multi-screen world, our HR solutions allow approvers to monitor and sign off on task items while on the go.